Upcoming Webinar:

Tuesday July 23rd

Application of Satellite Remote Sensing for Routine Monitoring of Water Quality in Water-Utility Lakes and Reservoirs

Presenter: Seyoum Gebremariam, PhD, PE

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The California Lake Management Society facilitates short web-based seminars discussing various lake management techniques and principles, they are open to anyone who would like to listen in or participate.  Be sure to subcribe to the CALMS Newsletter to receive updates about upcoming webinar events, with instructions for how to join them. 


We also host links to other lake management webinars, such as the "Mercury in Reservoirs" series from USGS.

Previous Webinars:

Climate Change Effects at Higher Elevations

Lake Ice Dynamics and How That May Impact Ecology and/or Water Supply

Presenter:  Tim Caldwell, PhD

March 6, 2019

USGS "Mercury in Reservoirs" Series

View the presentations and supporting materials on the USGS website

Seven webinars, Topics include mercury sources from historical gold mining, mercury methylation and bioaccumulation in food webs, management tools, and current scientific studies in California and elsewhere in the western U.S. that are addressing mercury issues. 

February 14 - May 2, 2018

Managing Aquatic Invasives In Your Lake

Best Practices For Inspection and Decontamination

Presenters:  "Quagga D" Davis & Debi DeShon

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 

Lake Maintenance Guidance

Learning From OneWorker’s Death: Using Investigation Findings and Digital Stories to Highlightand Prevent Lake Maintenance Worker Drownings

Presenters:  Laura Styles, MPH & Tracy Barreau

Tuesday March 29, 2016