Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

For current HAB conditions in California's Lakes, and to report HAB incidents in lakes you observe - visit the California Harmful Algal Bloom Portal, the central resource for HABs in our state.  Be sure to view their improved HAB Incident Report Map, an interactive tool to view up-to-date and historical HAB incidents recorded across the state.

For additional information, see the EPA's comprehensive resource on Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms in Water.  Which includes this 2019 Fact Sheet for a rundown of their guidelines for recreation.

As a means for CALMS to support lake managers addressing harmful algal blooms, here are references to certified vendors of service to control HABs:

Alligare, LLC

Alligare‘s California Pest Control Advisors assist customers in designing programs with the best products to control Harmful Algal Blooms.

Aquatic Consulting & Testing, Inc.

Fredrick Amalfi     ramalfi@aquaticconsulting.com     940-921-8044

Aquatic Resource Management

Anthony Domenici     info@aquaticrm.com     707-230-2075

Arm specializes in monitoring, fast lab services, treatment options, and long-term mitigation solutions for HABs.

BlueGreen US Water Technologies, Inc.

Robert Noble     robert.noble@bgtechs.com     916-952-9814

Clean Lakes, Inc.

Thomas Moorhouse     info@cleanlake.com     925-957-1905

Clean Lakes provides HAB control services including the Development of Application Plans, NPDES Permitting, application services, compliance monitoring and reporting.


Eli Kersh     Eli@LakeTech.com     415-307-0943

LakeTech creates products that are utilized in parallel with a management platform to operate a full management system for your lake.


Edward Albada     edward.albada@eomap.com     805-335-0495

EOMAP provides a cost effective remote sensing monitoring solution of HAB and other water quality parameters derived from multi-spectral satellite imagery.

McCord Environmental, Inc.

Stephen McCord     sam@mccenv.com     530-220-3165

McCord Environmental provides reservoir and watershed water quality management consulting services such as monitoring, modeling, oxygenation design, and planning.

Robertson-Bryan, Inc.

Ellen Preece     ellen@robertson-bryan.com     916-405-8919

We provide lake and reservoir management consulting services. We offer expertise on HAB mitigation, sampling, risk assessments/communication, and outreach.

Solitude Lake Management

Gary Hoover     info@solitudelake.com     888-480-5253

SOLitude has helped develop industry-leading strategies and cutting-edge technologies, including nanobubble aeration, for the sustainable management of Harmful Algal Blooms. 

Vertex Water Features

Patrick Goodwin     patrick.goodwin@aquaticsystems.com     904-434-6799

Watercourse Engineering, Inc.

Mike Deas     mike.deas@watercourseinc.com     530-750-3072

Disclaimer: CALMS neither supports nor endorses these firms and receives no compensation for sharing this information. Anyone contracting these firms for services is responsible for ensuring their qualifications. Please contact CALMS to add your company’s information above or to update information already included.

See NALMS lake management certification information


Photo by Eric Vance, U.S. EPA