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2023 CALMS Conference  Presentation Slides

Lake Monitoring Case Study for Guidance Manual: Effects of mountainous topography on wind fields in Lake Arrowhead Dr. David James University of Nevada Las Vegas

Modeling Recycled Water Flow Changesfrom the Pandemic: Analysis, forecasting, and applications to hydrodynamic modeling Dr. Chang Vang Post Doctoral Researcher, Southern Nevada Water Authority

HABs & Oxygenation Phosphorus Fractionation in Eutrophic Sediments: Informing management strategies for HABs Dr. Maia Singer Senior Scientist & Water Quality Specialist, Stillwater Sciences

Lake Arrowhead Beneficial Uses of Lake Arrowhead Catherine Cerri General Manager, Lake Arrowhead Community Services District

Lake Monitoring Predicting CyanoHABOnsets: Monitoring cyanobacteria in mixed algal populations Lawrence Younan Senior Application Scientist, Turner Designs

Fisheries Fish Where There Were None: A 5‐year community engagement program to establish fish populations David Ford (Retired) Fisheries Biologist & Hatchery Manager, WA Dept. of Fish and Game

Lake Monitoring The Great map off! Bathymetry mapping comparision Eli Kersh President, Lake Tech Inc.

Don’t Ride it Out, Write it Out: How to write a lake management plan Dr. Stephen McCord, President, McCord Environmental

Student Presentations

​Ebullition flux rates in a mediterranean climate reservoir Kendall Galvez, Civil & Environmental Engineering MS Student, UC Davis

Climate change and hydrology: Impacts on Sierra Nevada watersheds Louis Amegbletor, Environmental Systems PhD Student, UC Merced

DNA sequences to determine fish species & abundance in a CA watershed Anagha Dahal, Biochemistry BS Student, UC Santa Barbara

Methane emissions in Uvas Reservoir in Santa Clara County, CA Corrin Clemons, Civil & Environmental Engineering MS Student, UC Davis

Drought and flushing rates in Lake Mead Charlotte van der Nagel, Geosciences PhD Student, UNLV

Study of an aeration system in a lake in Chico, CA Jade Hinson, Civil & Environmental Engineering MS Student, UC Davis

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