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2022 CALMS Conference  Presentation Slides

Keynote Address

Managing Reservoirs Under Future Climate Scenarios (Dr. Deena Hannoun, Southern Nevada Water Authority)

Student Presentations

  1. Development of a Low-Cost In-Situ Cyanobacteria Sensor (Kanarat Pinkanjananavee, University of California Davis)

  2. Understanding Patterns of Carbon Dioxide Release from Uvas Reservoir (Julliana Porraz, University of California Davis)

  3. Partitioning Methane Flux Emissions from Reservoirs in Mediterranean Climates (Corrin Clemons, University of California Davis)

  4. What lies beneath: The unrealized Methane Potential of Mediterranean climate reservoirs (Ruth Thirkill, University of California Davis)

  5. Assessing internal loading and water quality before and after oxygenation in Hodges Reservoir, San Diego (Naivy Rodal Morales, University of California Merced)

Change and Adaptation Session

  1. Sites Reservoir Project Overview (John Spranza, HDR, Inc.)

  2. Coriolis Force Effects During Upwelling in Lakes of Moderate Size (Sergio Valbuena, University of California Davis)

  3. Managing Reservoir Releases for Fish and People in South Bay Streams (Jason Nishijima, Valley Water)

  4. Tracer Studies and Hydrodynamic Modeling Guidance for Lake Managers (Dr. David E. James, University of Nevada Las Vegas)

  5. Development and Tracer Study Validation of a 3D Model of Miramar Reservoir for Indirect Potable Reuse (Dr. Kareem Hannoun, Water Quality Solutions)

  6. Long-term water quality assessment identifies evidence of climate change impacts in a Southern California Reservoir (Hayden Franciscus, City of San Diego )

Problems and Solutions Session

  1. Microplastics Research and Regulation (Dr. Scott Coffin, State Water Resources Control Board)

  2. State Parks Division of Boating & Waterways QZ Grant Program (Timothy Giles, California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways)

  3. Mitigating HABs in the Western United States (Terry McNabb, Aquatechnex, LLC)

  4. Improving Water Quality with Adaptive Management Strategies (RyanVan Goethem, EutroPHIX)

  5. The Holistic Restoration of an Urban Lake, Presidio of San Francisco (Jonathan Young, Presidio Trust)

  6. Microcystin toxicity: do we now have a route to its elimination? The roles of N&P (Dr. Alex Horne, University of California Berkeley)

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