What is CALMS?

Since its founding in 1985, the California Lake Management Society has been a chapter of the North American Lake Management Society. We are a non-profit organization for California's lakes and the only statewide network of individuals, lake associations and public fund representatives devoted solely to the preservation and protection of our lakes.

CALMS Mission

...to promote understanding, protection and comprehensive management of California's water resources and their watersheds.

Our Purpose

• Provide a network for communication of lake information.

• Provide technical knowledge and expertise to advise and assist members.

• Provide information to members on legislative actions affecting our lakes.

• Support legislation that will protect our lakes and promote effective lake management.

• Provide a forum for communication and education.

• Conduct an annual meeting where scientists, professionals and citizens can share information and new technology.


CALMS has dipped it's toes into the social media pool (or other inland body of water). 

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